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Activated Carbon Absorber


To ensure low maintenance high air quality, install an ACT activated carbon absorber to remove any remaining oil vapour downstream from the applicable air treatment and pre-filtration processes.


We recommend that a KAESER KD filter is used downstream from the ACT activated carbon absorber.

For a compressed air supply you can count on

● Remaining oil content (total hydrocarbon content) in accordance with Class 1 as

per ISO 8573-1 (2010)

● Long-lasting activated carbon – typically up to 12,000 operating hours through

generous volume and optimised fl ow.

● Large inlets/outlets ensure low differential pressure for highly effi cient


● Function monitoring with oil vapour indicator fi tted as standard.

● Robust protective stand.

● Approved in accordance with AD2000 pressure appliance guidelines.

● KAESER – For all of your compressed air needs.

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