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Dental Compressors

 KAESER dental compressors provide the perfect technical solution and offer the following benefits: 


  1. A dependable compressed air supply that complies with EN ISO 7494-2:2003, Dentistry - Dental Units - Part 2: Water and Air Supply (ISO 7494-2:2003)

  2. Reliable compliance with the requirements and recommendations of dental material manufacturers

  3. Significant contribution to the high quality-assurance standards of dentists and dental technicians

  4. Protection of patients from increased risk of infection

  5. Enhanced reliability of integrated components in dental equipment such as air motors, multi-function syringes, air scalers, air abrasion systems, micro air-dryers etc

  6. Dependable air supplies for dental laboratories which use a wide variety of equipment ranging from simple air nozzles to modern CAD/CAM systems that require large volumes of compressed air

  7. A reliable compressed air supply enables professors and students alike to focus on research and learning

  8. Effective prevention of premature wear in dental equipment

Product Range

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