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Voltage (Volt)


Engine Capacity

Engine Capacity

Engine Capacity

Weight (with accessories) (Kilogram)


Dimensions (L × W × H) (Millimetre)

768 x 510 x 1100

Connected load (Kilowatt)


Housing / frame

Stainless steel

Certified (by) to


Air pressure (Bar/Megapascal)

2-10 / 0.2-1

Air quality

Dry / Oil free

Air flow (Cubic metres per minute)

0.5 - 3.5

Dry ice pellets (diameter) (Millimetre)


Dry ice consumption (Kilograms per hour)

15 - 50

Number of current phases (Phases)


Frequency (Hertz)


Weight without accessories (Kilogram)



Our Ice Blaster IB 7/40 ADV is characterized by a well-thought-out concept, many clever details, rugged durability and extremely high-grade manufacturing.

The latest generation dry ice blaster has been designed to handle hard continuous use and is very well equipped. For example, it comes as standard with an integrated ground strap coil, a residual ice removal system that prevents the device from freezing once work is complete, as well as an oil and water separator for reliable operations.

The airflow has been optimized in such a way that excellent cleaning results are a matter of course, even when working with low pressures and low air consumption (max. 3.5 m³/min), while operating noise is also reduced to a minimum.

The jet gun with remote control for adjusting the jet parameters, stepless control of the jet pressure and the ice delivery volume via a button (can be deactivated if desired) and a logically structured display for reading off all operating parameters ensure a high degree of operator convenience. In addition to this, statistical values such as operating time, average ice consumption per hour or total ice consumption can be called up.

Integrated ground strap coil

  • Easy earthing of the object being blasted.

  • Protection from arcing from the user to the object.

  • Improved jet convenience.

Efficient airflow in the device

  • The dry ice is transported from the device to the nozzle without any damage.

  • Ultimate cleaning performance at the nozzle.

Outstanding mobility

  • Optimum balancing of the device for convenient maneuvering on uneven terrain.

  • Bars at the front and rear of the device make it easy to negotiate stairs.

GFRP dry ice container

  • Optimum insulation of the dry ice.

  • No condensation.

  • No icing up of the machine.

Refined trigger gun holder

  • The trigger gun is always perfectly stored.

  • Ideal position (e.g. for replacing the nozzle).

Integrated storage compartment for nozzles and tools

  • Everything always to hand – directly on the device.

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