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Current type (Phases/Volt/Hertz)

1 / 240 / 50

Flow rate (Litres per hour)


Feed temperature (Celsius)


Working pressure (Bar/Megapascal)

120 / 12

Max. pressure (Bar/Megapascal)

175 / 17.5

Connected load (Kilowatt)


Weight (with accessories) (Kilogram)


Weight incl. packaging (Kilogram)


Dimensions (L × W × H) (Millimetre)

380 x 360 x 930


The HD 5/12 C Plus cold water blaster is compact, mobile and versatile. The integrated carrying handle on the front of the machine enables easy loading and convenient transport. This machine has a high quality brass cylinder head, automatic pressure relief that protects the components and extends the service life.


  • The automatic pressure relief protects the components and extends the service life.

  • High-quality brass cylinder head.

  • Large, easily accessible water fine filter for protecting the pump against dirt particles in water.

Accessory storage

  • Screw connection (M 18 × 1.5) for storing a Surface Cleaner directly on the machine.

  • Practical nozzle compartments for triple nozzle and rotary nozzle.

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