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Industrial Series Compressors


What do you expect from an industrial quality reciprocating compressor?

As a compressed air user, you expect maximum efficiency and reliability from your air system. Therefore, the most efficient reciprocating compressors are dependable, robust, require little maintenance, have a long service life and provide optimum flexibility. KAESER Industrial reciprocating compressors meet all of these criteria to ensure a compressed air supply of the highest quality.

Advantages of KAESER Industrial reciprocating compressors include:

- The knowledge and expertise of nearly 100 years experience in precision engineering and design

- Made in Germany from the highest quality materials, KAESER’s compressor blocks are meticulously designed and undergo rigorous inspection to guarantee years of reliable service

- Outstanding performance, dependability, ease of maintenance and long service life

- Energy-saving drive motors

- Exceptional versatility to meet the needs of a wide range of compressed air applications

- Proven oil-lubricated and dry-running compressor variants

Quality: Made in Germany

Made in Germany: These words represent KAESER’s continued commitment to producing specifically tailored compressed air solutions that deliver unrivalled customer satisfaction.

Each compressor block is carefully assembled and tested to the very highest standards at KAESER’s reciprocating compressor production centre in Coburg, Germany.

Other components such as pressure switches, solenoid valves and air receivers are chosen only from those specialist manufacturers that meet KAESER's uncompromising quality requirements.

The logical, modular design of each system provides maximum fl exibility, which not only allows system performance to be precisely matched to requirement, but also ensures optimum


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