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The ability to offer compressed air at various pressures makes it one of the most versatile energy sources available.

Special applications require specifically tailored solutions in order to achieve optimum efficiency.

Boosters are ideal for applications such as PET container production for example, where compressed air is required at a higher pressure than the standard works or control air at particular points in the manufacturing process.

In these cases, it is more economical to use the existing works air and boost it to the higher pressure with a small local compressor, rather than to operate the whole compressed air system at the higher pressure.

Regulating the pressure of a high pressure network to suit low-pressure applications (which account for most air usage) is simply a waste of money.

KAESER offers a comprehensive range of high performance reciprocating compressors that are able to boost compressed air from a rotary screw compressor up to pressures as high as 45 bar(g). These machines are perfectly matched for use with KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s extensive range of rotary screw compressors and SIGMA PET AIR systems.

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