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Drive Type


Max. area performance
(Square metres per hour)

2800 m2/hr

Working width


Working width with one side brush


Container capacity gross/net


Hill Climbing Ability %


Operating Speed (km/hr)


Weight (with accessories) 


Weight, ready to operate


Weight incl. packaging


Packaging dimensions
(L × W × H)

795 x 400 x 935

(L × W × H)

1300 × 810 × 1040


The KM 70/15 C stands out due to the 2-wheel driven main roller brush. This is a beautifully formed lightweight push sweeper for cleaning small indoor and outdoor areas up to 2800 m²/h. Little force is necessary to push this very agile machine. Dust-poor sweeping feature due to controlled air flow and dust filter. The main roller brush is driven via both wheels which leads to an outstanding sweeping result in right and left curves. The stepwise adjustable side brush allows an optimal adjustment to the floor and sweeping objects. Space-saving storage and easy to transport due to its low weight.

  • With little pushing force the dirt is transported through the driving direction into the 40 litre dirt container which is in front of the main roller brush

  • On free areas the side brush can be lifted off the ground thereby avoiding large turbulence

  • The dirt container has an ergonomic grip and is therefor easy to handle, empty, and reassemble

  • The push handle is foldable and can be adjusted in three settings according to the size of the user

  • The robust frame in the front is comfortable to grasp and allows for easy transport e.g. over steps or rough terrain.


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