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Drive Type


Max. area performance
(Square metres per hour)

3680 m2/hr

Working width


Working width with one side brush


Container capacity gross/net


Hill Climbing Ability %


Operating Speed (km/hr)


Weight (with accessories) 


Weight, ready to operate


Weight incl. packaging


Packaging dimensions
(L × W × H)


(L × W × H)

1300 x 920 x 1050


Compact push sweeper for indoor and outdoor use with two side brushes. 7 x faster than

using a broom, and with dramatically better results.

  • a push sweeper for simple and breezing cleaning of outdoor areas

  • seven times faster than using a broom

  • almost dust-free sweeping by airflow control and fine dust filter

  • retractable side brushes

  • main roller brush is height adjustable and therefore adaptive to different surfaces

  • roller brush is driven by both wheels

Push handle adjusts in 3 stages to suit height and reach of user and can be folded completely flat for space-saving storage. Machine is equipped with 2 side brushes as standard.

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