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Air Receivers

In fulfilling their storage and buffer functions, air receivers lay a key role within a compressed air station: they provide capacity during periods of peak demand and are often used to separate condensate from the compressed air.


It is therefore important for receivers to be correctly sized for the specific system and to be resistant against corrosion; inspection intervals should also be as long as possible.   Needless to say, air receivers from KAESER COMPRESSORS meet all of these requirements and more. 


Whether 90 or 10,000 litres, 11, 16, 45 or 50 bar, all KAESER compressed air receivers are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure exceptional safety and durability.


You only get genuine KAESER quality with genuine KAESER air receivers.   Moreover, they are exceptionally corrosion resistant and guarantee perfect sealing.   This is due to a combination of the precision thread finishing process that takes place following galvanization, and the extensive protection measures that are taken during transportation.

Product Range

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