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85KW (114HP) 4 Cyl. Tier 3A Base Engine

Maximum rating (gross intermittent)

85kW (114HP)

At speed


Peak Torque

440 Nm (325 lb-ft)

Peak Torque Speed

1300 rpm

Maximum no load governed speed

85kW (114HP)

Nominal Idling Speed

900 rpm

Thermodynamic Cycle

Diesel 4 Stroke

Air Intake




Nominal bore

103 mm (4.06")


132 mm (5.20")


  • Low cost of ownership

  • Exceptional transient performance increasing productivity

  • High Torque at Low Engine Speed

  • Robust cylinder block and unique - bedplate design

  • Simple mechanical fuel system

  • Low fuel consumption

  • Two years unlimited hours warranty

DieselMax 4-cyl Tier 3A Base Engine (85kW)

This truly innovative engine solution is designed specifically for heavy duty, off highway applications. Through careful planning and customer input from the very start, we have ensured the JCB base engine range can be packaged in the most efficient way. Using state-of-the-art technology to achieve this, whilst building on an award-winning platform of class-leading fuel consumption, high torque, robust build quality and low emissions.

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