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BD 50 / 50 C Classic Bp

Current type (Volt/Hertz)

24v Battery

Brush working width (Millimetre)


Vacuum working width (Millimetre)


Rated input power (Watt)

1100 (max)

Max. area performance (Square metres per hour)


Practical area performance (Square metres per hour)


Fresh / dirty water tank (Litre)


Brush contact pressure (Grams per square centimetre)

27.3-28.5 / 20-23

Brush speed (Revolutions per minute)


Sound pressure level (Decibel)


Drive type

Battery (24v)

Dimensions (L × W × H) (Millimetre)

1170 x 570 x 1025


The BD 50/50 C Bp Classic offers a clear view of the area to be cleaned due to the compact dimensions of this battery powered scrubber drier with sophisticated disc technology. The operation of this machine is as clear as the view with the EASY Operation Panel from Kärcher.

Machine features have been reduced to the most important settings and functions to enable use after brief instruction. We recommend the BD 50/50 C Bp Classic for use in hotels, supermarkets, or healthcare facilities.

  • Extremely maneuverable

  • Offers a clear view of the cleaning surface

  • Large battery compartment for all standard battery types

  • Easily accessible battery compartment for fast battery replacement

  • 1-switch operation function

  • All operating elements in yellow

  • Short teach-in times also for untrained personnel

  • Robust and durable control elements and extremely durable

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