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Current type (Volt/Hertz)

220-240 / 50

Brush working width (Millimetre)


Vacuum working width (Millimetre)


Rated input power (Watt)


Max. area performance (Square metres per hour)


Practical area performance (Square metres per hour)


Fresh / dirty water tank (Litre)


Brush contact pressure (Grams per square centimetre)

100-200 / 20-30

Brush speed (Revolutions per minute)


Sound pressure level (Decibel)


Drive type

Mains operation

Dimensions (L × W × H) (Millimetre)

520 x 470 x 1150


The BR 40/10 C - the most economical machine in its class. The compact and powerful machine has a working width of 400 mm and a tank volume of 10 l. The Advance version has additional transport wheels and a brush contact pressure adjustment feature.

This compact scrubber dryer has flexible use. Quiet scrubbing and vacuuming are possible in both directions, it has a collapsible push handle and detachable tanks, which can be easily transported with a locked carrying handle. The brushes and suction lips are easily replaced within seconds without the need for any tools.

  • Two high-speed rotating roller brushes with high contact pressure.

  • Two suction lip strips soak up the water – either forwards or backwards.

  • Reaches under furniture effortlessly.

  • The push handle can be folded down in both directions.

  • For very low objects, the tank can also be removed.

  • The suction lips and brushes are easy to replace without tools.

  • Water distribution bar can simply be removed and cleaned as necessary.

  • All electrical components are quickly and easily accessible.

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