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Cyclone Gita leaves farmers powerless

Recent losses of power supply due to cyclone Gita left many local businesses, especially farmers, in a difficult place.

With no backup generator, some farmers had to desperately find ways to milk their unhappy cows. Too many businesses around the region were left scrambling to hire a generator only to find that they were in short supply.

For farmers with sheds to run and cows to milk, it is truly a crisis you don’t want to be faced with. Not only was milking put under the pump, milk storage became an issue with some farmers choosing to dump milk with no way to keep it cold. Literally money down the drain.

Not only farmers faced these challenges but other food industries that require strict temperature control. At Pace Power and Air, we were able to assist many local businesses with the supply of generators in their time of need. With a wide range to suit every need, you know you can avoid the heartbreak of pouring your milk and your money down the drain.

A popular choice for farmers is the JCB Power Products QS range of generators. Powered by the fuel efficient JCB by Kohler and JCB Dieselmax engines, the QS range has industry leading low noise levels, various lift points for better portability and it is designed to withstand extreme environments and elements. All of which is supported with an industry leading 2 Year / 4000 Hour factory warranty and after sales support and service from generator specialists, Pace Power & Air.

Offered standard with every JCB generator set above 65kVA, is access to JCB Livelink telematics, including text message alerts. This enables comprehensive remote monitoring of your generator from your smartphone or desktop anywhere in the world.

Whatever your requirements, we have a range of products to suit your needs. Don’t get caught short. Every bit of delay can be costly.

Call us today to discuss your options to safeguard your business from interruptions to your power supply.

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