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Kaipi Dairy Products

Ísey Skyr is a remarkable dairy product unique to Iceland. It is a delicious rich flavour and thick, creamy texture gives this all-natural product a distinct place of its own on the dairy shelf. Ísey Skyr is naturally high in protein and low in fat and with a choice of fresh flavours, it is a popular snack among children and adults alike.

This unique product is now being manufactured locally in Taranaki and Pace Power and Air Ltd was awarded the contract to supply clean filtered air to the plant and standby power to combat rural outages.

The plant is fitted with a pneumatically operated Hunter Filling System and up to 150 automated control valves. The air demand is supplied by two Kaeser SXC6 Air compressors with integrated refrigerant dryers and 200 Litre Air Receivers set on a lead and lag calibration which is rotated at every three-month service.

Plant power demand is supported by a JCB 65QS generator for emergency power failures.

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