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Katere Coatings

Pace Power and Air Ltd assisted by KAESER Compressors has helped Katere Coatings in creating energy savings in excess of $11,000 per annum. This significant saving has been realised through investing in two KAESER rotary screw compressors, designed and manufactured to deliver more compressed air for less power consumption.

New Plymouth based Katere Coatings is a family operated business that has been providing its customers with high quality industrial plant and equipment cleaning solutions, as well as protective and restorative coatings, for over 20 years. To ensure a fast response and a high-quality finish, Katere Coatings relies not only on its highly skilled team but also well maintained, modern equipment.

Compressed air is used extensively at Katere Coatings in both abrasive blasting and painting. A dry and clean supply of reliable compressed air is essential for both ensuring an even blast finish and a smooth paint finish.

An ageing and increasingly unreliable compressed air system led Kris Vinsen, the Director of Katere Coatings to invite his service partner and local authorised KAESER Dealer - PACE Power and Air Ltd, to suggest a solution.

On installation, PACE Power & Air set up a ‘lead and lag’ configuration which allows for the ASD 50T to provide daily compressed air needs. When the demand increases the BSD 83T will then kick in to provide the extra air delivery needed. This configuration delivers a far more efficient and affordable solution to Katere Coatings than if they had opted for just one larger compressor.

Have we got you thinking? Call Mitchell Day on 0800 002 056 for solutions to your compressed air needs.

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